In this report DNV analyses the projected coal-fired power plant (CFPP) population in 2020 and the potential and cost of four major CO2 emission abatement measures.

Pathways to low-carbon coal-fired power generation in Europe

The baseline emission of the population in 2010 is determined to be 830Mton. This corresponds to 17% of the total CO2 emissions in Europe. Since nearly a third of the electricity in Europe is generated by CFPPs, this population covers a major fraction (64%) of the power sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The four measures have been investigated in order of cost-effectiveness, starting with the most cost-effective measure: combined heat and power, a shift from subcritical to supercritical units, biomass co-firing, and carbon capture and storage. The results of this study are presented in Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC). These curves demonstrate that, by 2020, CO2 emissions from CFPPs can be reduced by 7% below baseline at negative cost and by almost 13% if all four measures are fully implemented.

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