Fuel cell technology has recently been proven successful in large maritime demonstration projects. This position paper discusses the current status and future potential for fuel cell technology in ships.

DNV Research and Innovation has taken a leading role in facilitating the demonstration of safe and reliable fuel cell applications for ships. In the FellowSHIP project, a 330 kW fuel cell was successfully installed on board the offshore supply vessel Viking Lady, and demonstrated smooth operation for more than 7000 hours. This is the first fuel cell unit to operate on a merchant ship.

The position paper investigates if fuel cells can be a realistic alternative to Diesel engines, and if fuel cells can reduce fuel consumption and emissions in shipping. Get to know the benefits and challenges of different fuel cell technologies and which segments of shipping are the most promising. The paper shows the effort DNV has made in understanding fuel cells by creating dynamic models, writing new class rules, and leading the successful implementation of fuel cells on a merchant vessel.

Fuel cells for ships

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