A selection of relevant position papers from DNV GL will be presented here, and the collection will be expanded over time.

BIG DATA - the new data reality and industry impact

Big data has already had a considerable impact and changed the competitive landscape in many industries. We believe that it will also have significant impact within the industries in which DNV GL operates.

Exploring the role for power-to-gas in the future Dutch energy system

By order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and industrial parties, ECN and DNV GL have researched the viability and potential future role of power-to-gas (PtG) in the Dutch energy system.

Pathways towards Low Carbon Shipping

The new position paper ‘Pathways towards Low Carbon Shipping’ from DNV Research and Innovation offers a broad perspective, combined with possible pathways to be taken in order to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping. A techno-economic view is applied by analyzing technical and operational reduction measures, as well as alternative fuels, with a new probabilistic model.

Adding Value to High Energy Density Batteries

Like all new technologies, cost is a barrier for the adoption of new battery technologies.

Harvesting the benefits of solar PV in Asia-Pacific

The solar energy business comprises a complex mix of stakeholders, with various technical, commercial, social, and economic risks and benefits at play. To ensure reliable, secure, and sustainable integration of PV into the wider Asia-Pacific power grids, lessons should be learned from the successes achieved and mistakes made in international markets.

Managing the complexity of ship machinery systems

In this new position paper from DNV Research and Innovation we look at how computer-aided methodologies can successfully address the increasing complexity of integrated marine machinery systems.

Fuel cells for ships

Fuel cell technology has recently been proven successful in large maritime demonstration projects. This position paper discusses the current status and future potential for fuel cell technology in ships.

The Smart Grid – what it is and what it is not

The Smart Grid term is widely used and misused. Because it encompasses a wide range of issues, providing a concise, precise definition is not simple.

Potential Impact of Climate Change on Tanker Design

The position paper investigates the impact of expected wave climate change on tanker design. Five different oil tanker types, ranging from Product Tanker to Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC), are considered.

Pathways to low-carbon coal-fired power generation in Europe

In this report DNV analyses the projected coal-fired power plant (CFPP) population in 2020 and the potential and cost of four major CO2 emission abatement measures.

Carbon Dioxide Utilisation

The position paper outlines a process developed by DNV to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into useful products.

CO2 storage – is it safe?

For CO2 capture to be effective, the CO2 must be stored for a very long period of time. The question everyone is asking: will the CO2 storage be safe?

Assessment of measures to reduce future CO2 emissions from shipping

This position paper provides a comprehensive overview of the measures available for reducing CO2 emissions from ships – from a cost-effectiveness perspective.

Climate change: The effect on marine structure design

The position paper looks at the potential implication of climate change on safe design and operations of marine structures

Biofuels 2020: A policy driven logistics and business challenge

This study presents the findings from hypothesis development and interviews with several stakeholders and authorities in the biofuel value chain.

Biofuel Infrastructure: Managing in an uncertain future

This paper aims to provide a framework for considering the business, environmental, and safety risks involved in expanding the biofuel infrastructure

Shipping across the Arctic Ocean: A feasible result in 2030-2050 as a result of global warming?

This position paper describes a scenario for future shipping activity and emissions in the Arctic, specifically related to transpolar container shipping and petroleum extraction.

DNV position paper: Key aspects of an effective U.S. offshore safety regime

As a consequence of the Deepwater Horizon blow-out accident in the Gulf of Mexico, DNV has prepared a position paper highlighting the key aspects of an effective US offshore safety regime.