Oluf Lorentzen, one of the largest fine food importers in Norway, has signed a contract with DNV for risk based import evaluation.

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Are Klevan, Project Manager in Food & Beverage for DNV Business Assurance in Norway
Anett Hollum Valsvik, Head of Department, Food & Beverage for DNV Business Assurance in Norway
The food team in DNV Business Assurance in Norway, from left; Hilde Almås, Are Klevan and Anna Kiseleva

Are Klevan, Project Manager in Food & Beverage for DNV in Norway says: “This project is unique for two reasons; It opens up a possible new service line that can be replicated beyond Norway and secondly, the project is run between a high quality foodstuff importer, us as an independent third party verifier and interpreter of Norwegian food legislation."

A unique project
The results of this cooperation have exceeded all expectations and due to the project’s continuous nature it could easily become a part of DNV’s new Food & Beverage service portfolio.

“Import evaluation and verification is an excellent example on how the advisory services within DNV can support our ambition to become a leading certification body and provide our core customers with value added services outside our certification range,” says Anett Hollum Valsvik, Head of Department, Food & Beverage for DNV in Norway.

Risk based import evaluation
Every time a new food item is imported by Oluf Lorentzen the food team in in Norway, Are Klevan, Anna Kiseleva and Hilde Almås, address that the product, labelling and content is compliant with the latest Norwegian and EU food safety regulations and thus, does not pose any harm for consumers.
Risk based import evaluation includes, receiving food samples and comparing the information on the label with information provided by the producers and recording them systematically according to their perceived risk – giving the customer a clear overview of the risks related to the various products. DNV also verifies products which are already on the market.

“Prior to import several products have been found to be incompliant with Norwegian regulations and unsuitable for the Norwegian market,” says Are Klevan.

Oluf Lorentzen
Oluf Lorentzen is one the largest suppliers of imported fine foods to the major retail stores in Norway. The assortment consists of more than 1300 food items sourced from all over the globe, which are claimed to be among the world’s finest and most exclusive products.