Globalisation has resulted in a significant internationalisation of business and innovation. In order to stay competitive, companies must maintain an appropriate breadth of technological competences.

It is an important part of DNV's strategy to carry out research and innovation within key technology areas.

Research & innovation

DNV has organised the total R&D efforts in two main groups:

  • Strategic and long term research within DNV Research & Innovation

  • Maintenance and development of services and tools within the different business units

Technology Outlook 2020

What are the key technologies that will be in play towards the end of this decade? That is what we try to answer in Technology Outlook 2020.

Impact - 50 years of research

"-We have no choice; whether we like it or not, we have to do research" (DNV president Georg Vedeler, 1951).

Strategic Research

DNV Research & Innovation serves the purpose of exploring and testing new technologies and building new knowledge within selected technology areas that are believed to be of particular significance for DNVs own development and business activities in the future. DNV Research & Innovation is currently focused on six major strategic research programmes.

Research & development in the business units

Through our involvement with the energy industry, DNV has always been involved in developing new technologies, methodologies and competences. We firmly believe that our efforts will help the industry safely and responsibly improve its business performance.

R&D investments enable us to deliver classification services to our customers with greater value, quality, predictability and meeting the stakeholder expectations to transparency. We also use R&D to develop add-on services through voluntary class notations and consultancy services, in order to meet expectations beyond the core classification.

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Hot topics

DNV and Gingko Bioworks with potentially Game Changing technology for Utilizing CO₂

DNV Research & Innovation is pleased to announce significant progress in our collaboration with Gingko Bioworks in developing an advanced microbiological pathway to convert CO2 to fuels and chemicals. The successful results of our work were presented at the ARPA-E Electrofuels Workshop on December 10th, 2012.

Green light from the US Department of Energy

28. September 2012, Columbus, OHIO. DNV Research and Innovation’s project for exploring the outer limits of battery operations receives US Department of Energy’s attention.

Smooth operation with Fuel Cells

4. September 2012, Høvik - Fuel cell technology proves successful in a new position paper from DNV Research and Innovation, giving hope to a future of reduced emissions from shipping.

Harvesting the benefits of solar PV in Asia-Pacific

The solar energy business comprises a complex mix of stakeholders, with various technical, commercial, social, and economic risks and benefits at play. To ensure reliable, secure, and sustainable integration of PV into the wider Asia-Pacific power grids, lessons should be learned from the successes achieved and mistakes made in international markets.