DNV GL offers OREDA and ESReDA handbooks with key information and data for risk and reliability analysis.

DNV offers ESReDA and OREDA handbooks with key information and data for risk and reliability analysis.

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OREDA (Offshore Reliability Data)
Handbook 2009, 5th edition, Volume I and II
The 5th edition of the OREDA handbook will give you a unique data source on failure rates, failure mode distribution and repair times for equipment used in the offshore industry. The data can also be used for other applications via a quantification process. Such data are necessary for reliability as well as risk analysis. The reliability, availability, maintenance and safety (RAMS) of offshore exploration and production (E&P) facilities are of considerable concern to employees, companies and authorities. RAMS analyses are carried out to provide a basis for decisions in offshore engineering, fabrication and operations. In order to allow these analyses to be conducted, a source of reliability data is required.

ESReDA (European Safety Reliability & Data Association)
Reliability and Maintainability Impact to Asset Management Stakeholders
A practical guide for asset owners. This book is an important contribution to the development and application of physical asset management topic in the socio-economic condition prevailing in the world today.

Quality of Reliability Data
The handbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the collection, analysis and quality assurance of reliability data.

Industrial Application of Structural Reliability Theory
An essential publication about applying structural reliability theory in modern industry.

Decision Analysis for Reliability Assessment
This book presents decision analysis theory and practical applications from the European industry.

Shaping Public Safety Investigations of Accidents in Europe

This book is a result of a joint effort by experts in accident investigation and accident analysis from 10 countries in Europe across almost every industrial sector.

Lifetime Management of Structures
This book focuses on analysis of structural reliability and industrial applications. The main objective was to expand use of this discipline, whose applications in industry remain too rare.

Guidance Document for Design, Operation and Use of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Databases
The document highlights vital aspects of how to obtain data for use in the analysis of accidents, incidents and near-misses, and further suggests ways of overcoming the problems that may be encountered in such work.

Document on Accident Investigation Practices
Based on feedback from several European organisations, this document presents an estimate of the situation regarding accident investigation in Europe.

Ageing of Components and Systems
The aim of ageing management is to ensure safe and cost-effective use of technical equipment throughout the designed or possibly extended lifetime of the system. The purpose of this book is to be helpful in this work.

Structural Reliability Analysis into System Risk Assessment

This book is an important contribution to the development and application of structural reliability methods and the integration with system reliability methods for application within risk assessment.

Maintenance Modelling & Applications

Maintenance is the process by which the state of any system or asset is controlled and can broadly be considered as two approaches: corrective and preventive.

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