To produce hydrocarbons the international oil and gas industry continuously has to break new barriers. DNV GL will help you do so with confidence.

Supporting every stage of the lifecycle

With proven project experience in the most challenging subsea environments, we have the capability and experience to manage subsea installations, supporting every stage of a subsea asset's lifecycle from concept to decommission.

Whether a project is destined for installation in shallow or ultra-deep waters, DNV GL's scope of services can be utilised. Our qualified engineers and surveyors can support all aspects of subsea development projects with direct experience in concept selection, field architecture, flow assurance, flow lines, pipelines, risers, umbilicals, manifolds, templates, trees, jumpers and subsea controls.

Drilling and well

Drilling is taking place in deeper waters and more demanding reservoirs. Managing risks and enhancing safety and efficiency are vital. DNV GL can help.

Concept selection

Profitable projects may turn into financial distress – unless the unexpected has been dealt with.

Concept design

DNV GL is a partner to the oil and gas industry in advancing design standards, codes and recommended practices.


DNV GL's advanced verification approach will add value.


Hot topics

Forging material JIP

DNV has, in response to initiatives from key stakeholders in the subsea community, taken steps to establish a Forging material Joint Industry Project (JIP). The aim is to develop a Recommended Practice (RP) to build confidence by outlining common provisions to help ensure required quality of different forged material components for subsea use.

Standardized subsea documentation JIP

Together with Norsk olje & gass Subsea Intallations Network, DNV has taken steps to establish a Standardized Subsea Documentation Joint Industry Project (JIP). The aim is to develop a Recommended Practice (RP) presenting the minimum set of documentation requirements for all major subsea components.