The refining and petrochemical industries continue to face challenges from society at large to produce essential fuels and chemicals at an acceptable cost. DNV GL can help you achieve your performance target safely and responsibly.

People, plant and process

Today, as never before, the refining and petrochemical industries are being challenged to improve their competitiveness whilst also improving their safety and environmental performance. Margins are tight, assets are ageing, and a number of well publicised accidents have reduced the confidence of the various stakeholders in the industry. New projects, whilst opening up additional opportunities, can also introduce unexpected risks. DNV GL can help you manage these risks, and build trust and confidence with your stakeholders.

Considerable investment in facilities has been made by many companies in order to maintain and extend capacity, reduce costs in face of competitive pressures, and to meet the changing demand of customers. All of this has to be completed against an expectation of improved environmental performance in both products and production processes. Under these circumstances, management of the risks associated with people, plant and processes, through the application of effective risk management solutions via the adoption of global best practices is crucial. Everyone working in the refining and petrochemical industries is well aware of the potential risks to health, safety and the environment. But businesses face a range of risks that are far broader than just accidents and incidents that may cause physical harm. Risk encompasses anything that will adversely affect the performance of the business.


DNV GL has been working with a number of clients around the world to help them manage their risks, and build trust and confidence with their stakeholders.