Whether for industry, private operation, research or governmental tasks, special craft have to withstand different environmental conditions – and DNV GL ensures that they can. Special crafts include tugs, ice-breakers, work ships, pilot boats, dredgers, pontoons and floating cranes, among others.

Due to their unique purposes, special craft vessels require special tailor-made solutions. Oil and chemical recovery vessels, in particular, also have to meet extra operational conditions. All this in addition to the ever-tightening IMO regulations concerning eco-friendly seagoing vessels on a whole.

DNV GL has long-standing experience in the classification of various types of special craft vessels. Our innovative solutions for the different vessel types, our expertise in facing sophisticated engineering challenges, as well as our dedicated rules and classification services, has made DNV GL an obvious choice for the industry.

Our services cover:

  • Pre-design support to ensure highest technical and safety standards
  • Verification and improvement of fuel efficiency, including trim and hull optimisation, and engine performance
  • Compliancy with regulations as well as dedicated class notations
  • Noise and vibration solutions, and other optimisation services

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