Comfortable passenger ship amenities are key to be competitive in today’s market, whether you have passengers onboard for leisure only or a combination of passengers and vehicles. Flexible cargo solutions, fast loading and discharging, and safe areas for cargo and passengers are essential.

Thanks to our decades of experience and wide range of expertise in vessels that transport passengers, we provide insight into ship-to-shore solutions that meet all your vessel’s requirements. At the same time, we ensure your passengers enjoy a safe voyage in the highest comfort possible.

We have special experience with all major vessel types, such as cruise vessels, ferries, coastal express vessels (cargo and passengers) and Ro-Pax.

Our services cover:

  • Support to implement novel layout arrangements, minimise noise and vibration, and construct lightweight structures
  • Comfort class rules, and a broad package of services aiming for high passenger comfort
  • Fire assessment, fire safety systems and technology
  • Probabilistic stability calculations and assessments
  • Advice for owners and operators in selecting the most suitable condition monitoring solution
  • Redundant Propulsion Rules, technology qualification of new components or systems, and certification of systems
  • Evacuation analyses, innovative passenger-evacuation simulation programmes, LSA approval and Safe Return to Port, Shipboard Routing Assistance (SRA), and
  • ECA-compliance assessment, including net present value of your fuel options
  • Risk management analysing critical elements of your operations

Services per lifecycle

To view our detailed services per lifecycle stage please browse the related service pages starting with Innovate.