Operational flexibility is key when it comes to multi-purpose vessels (MPVs) – they have to be ready for any task and any cargo transport requirements at all times across the Seven Seas.

MPVs are often the result of unique designs and complex technical solutions. For engineers and shipyards, the vessel’s unique multi-purpose demands pose a serious challenge – the design often does not allow for solutions based on past experience. This is where DNV GL’s long-standing experience and operational know-how come in.

DNV GL has expertise in evaluating the performance of a particular design, to develop tailor-made solutions, and to improve fleet-in-service solutions – making us your MPV partner of choice.

Our services cover:

  • Pre-design support for shipowners to ensure highest technical and safety standards, and precise identification of the vessel’s cargo requirements for shipyards
  • Design support for hull strength, deformation of cargo holds and optimised energy efficiency
  • MPVs in service, with the Hull Lifecycle Programme, Environmental Passport and our award-winning ECO-Assistant for optimum trim
  • Construction support, providing expert advice during the construction and outfitting processes, including crane positioning and installation, stabilisation pontoons and test procedures
  • Compliance with the carriage of Dangerous Goods Code

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