Working together with the bulk carrier experts at DNV GL, you have access to the competent support you need to ensure that your bulk business is safe and cost effective.

Bulk carriers have to be able to withstand the rigours of their tasks, carrying a wide variety of cargo. What’s more, they have to do this safely, while minimising fuel costs and maximising operational efficiency. Furthermore, they need to be in compliance with current regulations and prepared for future regulations.

DNV GL provides a range of services to shipowners, shipyards, and ship designers that ensures your newbuilding project or existing vessel is safe and in compliance with the relevant regulations and requirements, in a cost-effective manner.

Our services cover:

  • Pre-design support to ensure highest technical and safety standards
  • Verification and improvement of fuel efficiency, including trim and hull optimisation
  • Optimisation of EEDI, including hull design and propulsion performance
  • Approval in Principle of new designs
  • Condition Assessment Programme (CAP) for hull and machinery
  • Strength evaluation of the hull and cargo hold structures
  • Risk management services to ensure bulk carriers are built and operated safely and cost effectively

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Services per lifecycle
To view our detailed services per lifecycle stage please browse the related service pages starting with Concepts.

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