MLC, 2006 ensures globally applicable, easily understandable and uniformly enforced regulations that recognise and ensure seafarer’s rights to decent living and working conditions. Our comprehensive range of analysis and certification services is designed to simplify the certification process for you – saving you time and money.

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) is now in effect as of August 20, 2013.
MLC, 2006 certificates are required for all ships of 500 gross tonnage or over, engaged in international voyages or flying the flag of a member country and operating from a port, or between ports, in another country. Ships below 500 gross tonnage flying the flag of a member country simply require inspection. Ships from non-ratifying states will no longer enjoy more favourable treatment ensuring inspections for compliance on such ships.

As the world’s leading classification society, we have professional inspectors wherever you are – available in ports worldwide. The former Norwegian representative to the ILO on maritime affairs and member of the steering committee for the development of the Convention is heading the work at DNV GL. We also have experts with a wide variety of experience on risk evaluations, operations of ships, ISM and other statutory work.

We provide an efficient one-stop shop for all your inspection and certification needs.

Our services cover:
• Information, international workshops and seminars, and training for both onboard and onshore staff
• Gap analysis, DMLC review, inspection and certification
• Certification of crew manning offices
• Statement of compliance with MLC 2006 regulation 3.1. (newbuildings)
• ILO 92 / 133 to ensure compliance of crew accommodations for the flag state
• MLC APPROVAL to ensure compliance of crew accommodations with the upcoming MLC, 2006
• Noise and vibration checks for newbuilding projects to avoid costly anti-noise and anti-vibration measures during or after construction
• As a shipowner in a non-ratifying country, you may also opt for a certificate to benefit from smoother operations

The flag state will remain fully responsible for implementing and enforcing the Convention through national measures, but may delegate inspection and certification to a Recognised Organisation (RO) like DNV GL. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, both flag states and shipowners alike can benefit from our effective one-stop shop for inspection.

Our easy approach
The MLC certification process will be similar to ISM and ISPS for ships. The certificate is valid for five years and the process includes interim, initial and intermediate inspections.

The matters that must be inspected and found to meet national laws and regulations for MLC compliance are:
• Minimum age, medical certification and qualifications of seafarers
• Seafarers’ employment agreements and the payment of wages
• Use of any licensed or certified or regulated private recruitment and placement service
• Hours of work or rest and manning levels for the ship
• Accommodation, food and catering
• Onboard recreational facilities, medical care and complaint procedures
• Health and safety, and accident prevention

What MLC requirements have to be met for newbuildings?
With the entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, all new ships (that is ships that have the keel laid after entry into force) and flagged to a ratifying state must be built in accordance with the Convention’s requirements. Regulation 3.1 in MLC, 2006 has to be approved during the newbuilding phase or if the ship is substantially altered.

One major aspect that needs to be taken into consideration for your newbuilding projects is accommodation. This includes:
• Size of rooms and other accommodation
• Heating and ventilation
• Noise and vibration and other ambient factors
• Sanitary facilities
• Lighting
• Hospital accommodation

By bringing us into the project at an early stage, our experts provide valuable consulting – saving you the hassle and costs of unplanned anti-noise and anti-vibration measures during or after construction.

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