Getting the right quantity of bunkers you’re paying for.

DNV bunker surveyors offer an independent and impartial quantity measurement service for marine fuels. We provide comprehensive documentation for each survey to support any shortage claims or quality disputes.

The DNV bunker quantity survey is known to be the most thorough fuel measurement service in the market and involves:

  • Pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and the receiving vessel

  • Proper fuel sampling procedures

  • Post-delivery tank measurements on bunker tanker and receiving vessel

  • Photos on sampling where permitted

  • Re-calculation of quantity delivered and received based on tested density

  • Comprehensive survey report

For your easy access, DNVPS has an extensive network of surveyors who can provide bunker quantity measurements in major ports of call.

Periodic skills upgrade and regular on-the-job inspections by senior DNVPS staff help our surveyors maintain top service quality at all times. Coupled with our track record of over 60,000 quantity measurements, the DNV Bunker Quantity Survey is one you can trust.

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