Marine plastic debris is a serious environmental problem that needs immediate global attention. DNV GL has now begun efforts to address the problem in this partnership project with WWF-Norway; Plastic Aquatic.

We believe that knowledge fuels action. Even when all preventative measures for reducing plastic pollution have been taken, there will still be large amounts of plastic in the oceans, and cleanup will be necessary. Creating efficient solutions requires understanding of the problem in all its complexity. Together, DNV GL and WWF Norway have partnered to create a concept platform which makes further research and innovation possible.

- The world needs solutions to remove environmental toxins and plastics from the ecosystem, even if we are able to remove only a small fraction. This must be done without having significant negative effects on the marine life. At the same time, we are in serious need of political will, money and arrangements to prevent new debris from ending up in the ocean in the future, says Nina Jensen, general secretary of WWF-Norway.


Simen Knudsen, project manager

Phone:+47 90 68 18 11


Plastic Aquatic - On a mission to reduce marine litter

Plastic Aquatic - On a mission to reduce marine litter