Type Approval (TA) is an alternative to the "case-by-case" procedure for assessment of design. When TA is used, acceptance of the design is granted for a period of time, normally 4 years.

Type approval is a procedure for approval of standard designs and/or routinely manufactured, identical components to be used in DNV classed objects.

Type approval basically implies that the design approval is done once, and this approval is made valid for all subsequent components of identical design. Design approval may take a pure design review, and/or defined prototype testing. Details are given in Type Approval programs, available for a large variety of components. A complete list of available Type Approval programs is given in the related link for Standards for Certification/Approval Programmes.

Application Form
To ensure that all vital information is provided, use this form when applying for a type approval: Application For Type Approval, form no. 90.01a located under "downloads".

When your product has become Type Approved, this will be documented by the issuance of a Type Approval certificate. The certificate will be made available through the list of type approved products (see related link).

For further details and arrangements for becoming a Type approval certificate, please contact your nearest DNV office.