Classification societies like DNV GL have been established to develop design, construction and material standards and to oversee the construction of ships. We at DNV GL take this further to safeguard life, property and the environment – with a keen eye on current and future maritime industry requirements.

Your partner for safe shipping

During the course of the maritime industry’s development, ship classification has become an essential contributing factor to safeguarding life, property and the environment at sea. Today, ship classification societies undertake a broad range of activities under strict quality standards and in line with globally recognised organisations such as the IMO (International Maritime Organization).
Ship classification is based on three main elements applicable to both newbuilding projects and in-service vessels:

  1. Setting standards (classification rules)

  2. Verifying compliance with standards (approval of specifications and drawings, surveys and testing)

  3. Documenting compliance with standards (survey reports, classification certificates)

The DNV GL difference
DNV GL’s ship classification rules are based on a wealth of experience accumulated during our nearly 150 years of history, and extensive research and development programmes. Our classification services are performed through our global network of stations and approval centres, by systematically trained and well qualified surveyors, approval engineers and experts who are extensively supported by state-of-the-art IT technology.

Classification services

We offer a full range of classification services for newbuilding projects and vessels in operation as well as for materials, systems and components:


For every type of newbuilding project, we set the standards at the forefront of technology and safety when it comes to design, materials and classification – at the side of both shipyards and ship owners.

Fleet in service

We are there for you – providing safe and proactive support to your in-service vessels from our global network of offices in all major ports. Whether you need a retrofit, maintenance or more, our technically competent staff is authorised to make decisions locally.

Additional related services

Our additional services are designed to enhance your vessel’s performance, whether in operation or as a newbuilding. They help you secure operational business, increase charter attractiveness, and to remain ahead of upcoming regulations and requirements.