On August 20 the ILO announced the 30th ratification of the MLC 2006 and, since the major flag states have ratified, the entry into force requirement has been met. Shipowners now have exactly 12 months to implement measures for ongoing compliance and complete the certification process for all ships coming within the scope of the Convention.

The Philippines has become the 30th country to ratify the Maritime Labour Convention, and the threshold requirement for entry into force has thus been fulfilled.

The MLC 2006 will enter into force 12 months from this date (i.e. August 20, 2013) for all ships coming within the scope of the Convention. An estimated 40,000 ships need to be certified upon entry into

Shipowners, management companies, yards and crew manning agencies must act in order to be compliant before the international in force date.

The Convention requirements are very detailed and cover a wide range of topics, and shipowners or ship managers operating ships must develop and implement measures to ensure ongoing compliance with the requirements and that ships are inspected and certified within the deadlines or they will risk delays or detentions. Developing and implementing effective measures for ongoing compliance takes time and we encourage the industry to start this work immediately.

Requirements are applicable to both new and existing ships and the grandfather clause is only applicable to the building requirements. DNV has developed resources, expertise and tools for handling the MLC work, and a team of DNV specialists located worldwide is ready to assist customers in all aspects of handling the Convention requirements.

Date: 2012-08-21

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