The DNV International Accreditation Standard (DIAS) integrates standards for clinical and patient safety with ISO 9001 quality principles. The standard has global recognition, whilst the assessment process has the scope to acknowledge local legislative requirements and the context of specific national healthcare systems.

How will DIAS benefit our hospital?

The DNV International Accreditation Standard (DIAS) uses a management systems approach. This means that working towards and achieving accreditation against DIAS is a strategic tool for identifying goals and implementing improvements at every level of your organisation. Achieving accreditation provides assurance to your patients, the public and your stakeholders of the high standard of safety and quality of service that you provide.

How do we become accredited?

In advance of accreditation, a two day internal auditor course will introduce you to the key requirements of the standards and assessment process.

Prior to your initial assessment, a pre-assessment visit is undertaken to review how ready you are for accreditation and to help you identify key areas to address in advance of assessment.

Following a successful initial assessment, accreditation is awarded for three years, with an annual health checks to make sure you stay on track and make identified improvements where necessary.

DIAS implementation course

As part of our support for organisations being assessed against our international standards, we offer courses to cover the required skills to plan and conduct an audit.