The type certificates are issued based on Conformity Statements for the modules chosen for the wind turbine type. Outstanding matters with no safety implications are allowed as described in the Certification description.

The DNV Type Certification scheme is based on the IEC WT 01 Type Certification system, except that outstanding matters with no safety implications are allowed. Class C Type Certificates are issued to enable testing of prototypes, and class B Type Certificates are issued to allow for 0-series production, see the Certification description.

Below you will find a list of the type certificates issued by DNV:

Manufacturer: Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Wind Turbine / Component TypePowerClassCertificate NumberExpiry Date
V90 3MW Mk93000 kWBTC-205704-B-12015-12-17
V80-2.0MW 50/60Hz VCS MK72000 kWBTC-221804-B-32016-06-21
Vestas V90-2.0MW 50Hz VCS Mk72000 kWBTC-221806-B-42016-03-27
Vestas V90-1.8MW 50Hz VCS Mk71800 kWBTC-221807-B-22016-03-27

Expired type & component certificates

ManufacturerTurbineCertificate numberNotes
Norwin A/SNorwin 750 kWTC-218101-B-7.
Norwin A/SNorwin 500 kWTC-233901-B-0.
Siva Windturbine India Pvt. LtdSIVA 250/50TC-215201-B-7 rev. 1Replaced by TC-215201-B-8 (IEC 61400-22)
Siemens Wind Power A/S SWT-3.0-101 DDTC-222211-B-2.
Siemens Wind Power A/S SWT-3.0-101 DDTC-222212-B-2.
Siemens Wind Power A/S SWT-3.6-120 Rotor-Nacelle AssemblyB-CC-221708-0Replaced by IEC CC-221708-0
Pioneer Wincon Private LtdPioneer P250/29B-DNV-214901-7Replaced by IEC TC-214901-0
Hyundai Heavy IndustriesHQ 1650B-DNV-222301-2Replaced by IEC TC-222301-0
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-3.6-120 Rotor B-CC-221701-1Replaced by IEC CC-221701-0
Kenersys India Pvt. Ltd., Kenersys Europe GmbH, Kenersys GmbHK82B-DNV-217901-1Replaced by IEC TC-217901-1
WinWinD OYWinWinD 1 MWB-DNV-217702-4Replaced by IEC TC-217702-0
WinWinD Power Energy Pvt. Ltd.WinWinD 1 MWB-DNV-217701-4Replaced by IEC TC-217701-0
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-2.3-82 VS Rotor-Nacelle AssemblyB-CC-210003-1Replaced by IEC CC-210003-0
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-2.3-101 Rotor-Nacelle AssemblyB-CC-218901-0Replaced by IEC TC-218901-0
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-3.6-107 Rotor-Nacelle AssemblyB-CC-210303-1Replaced by IEC CC-210303-0
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-3.6-107 Rotor-Nacelle AssemblyB-CC-210304-1Replaced by IEC CC-210304-0
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-2.3-93B-DNV-213702-2Replaced by IEC TC-213704-2
Siemens Wind Power A/SSWT-2.3-93B-DNV-213703-1Replaced by IEC TC-213705-2
Vestas Wind Systems A/SV82-1.65MWB-DNV-212401-4Replaced by IEC TC-212401-1