Under this menu you can find different focus areas for DNV, which are also topics that are high on the agenda for companies around the world. These topics do not easily fall under a service or industry, and represent areas where DNV is placing an extra emphasis across industries.


Biorisk encompasses biosafety and biosecurity, where the hazards are biological agents and its toxins. We have a team of experts with experience in operation of scientific environments, and have developed a practical and effective approach in managing both biological and non-biological biorisk.

Climate change

A carbon-constrained world is a new reality for organisations and companies. Emissions regulations are changing and stakeholders are increasingly pressuring management on environmental performance. Meanwhile, opportunities for competitive differentiation are emerging, energy and other input costs are rising, new risks from climate change are increasing and carbon markets are evolving.

Research & innovation

It is an important part of DNV's strategy to carry out research and innovation within key technology areas.

Risk management

The purpose of risk management is not to eliminate risk, but to understand it so that you can take advantage of the upside and minimize the downside. Learn about risk management.

Solar energy

Solar photovoltaics (PV) is the fastest growing source of energy in the world. With decades of experience, DNV provides a comprehensive range of engineering, design, and risk management services to the global PV industry.


The power to build trust is linked to risk management. Sustainability is about environmental, social and governance issues –linked to the trust you enjoy. Sustainability risk management enables you with the power to build trust

Wind energy

DNV KEMA provides a vast range of services for developers, manufacturers, and financiers investing in wind energy. Our risk management services cover the entire life-cycle of projects.