A carbon-constrained world is a new reality for organisations and companies. Emissions regulations are changing and stakeholders are increasingly pressuring management on environmental performance. Meanwhile, opportunities for competitive differentiation are emerging, energy and other input costs are rising, new risks from climate change are increasing and carbon markets are evolving.

Building trust in the low carbon economy

Businesses recognise the climate change issue as a serious societal problem. To take their part in the solution, they need to act in a responsible and responsive manner implying:

  • to be seen as doing what they reasonably can to combat climate change,

  • to be innovative as their business models will be challenged,

  • to anticipate the regulatory risks, directly or indirectly,

  • to respond to owner and stakeholder pressures.

DNV is uniquely positioned to help companies and organisations understand and manage these risks and pressures through our climate change expertise, technological know-how and independence.

Our customers in the carbon markets recognise that both the business and the risks associated with climate change are international. We have a strong global presence providing local and global capabilities to deal with risk, transparency and trust issues where they occur.

Carbon credit validation and verification

Carbon credit validation and verification is a third party service related to the compliance market, regulating emission allowances and offsets according to the Kyoto Protocol’s flexible mechanisms , the European Directive on Emissions Trading (EU ETS) or voluntary emission reductions.

Carbon footprinting

Carbon footprinting measures the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organisation, event or product. To measure carbon footprints is the first step towards managing your carbon footprint.


The power to build trust is linked to risk management. Sustainability is about environmental, social and governance issues –linked to the trust you enjoy. Sustainability risk management enables you with the power to build trust

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Why partner with DNV

DNV is a leading independent greenhouse gas verifier operating globally. We believe in a partnership approach that benefits you and your organisation. Our greenhouse gas specialists are used by companies, organisations, and governments across a wide range of industry sectors.

Read position papers from DNV Research and Innovation on climate change issues.

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